Exams: 1/2

This morning I finished another module: Animal Survival Strategies!

Module List:

  • Life in Wetlands
  • Animal Survival Strategies
  • Dissertation
  • BioE&E
  • Animal Design
  • Advances in Behaviour (animal behaviour second year module required)

Now I have one last exam to revise for, this exam will be a 2.30hour exam from 9am to 11.30am and during this time I will have to write two essays.

My one query; throughout the entire module we have been repeatedly told that “there is no set definition of a wetland”, if this is so, then why is this one of our practice questions? Probably so we can take the time to discuss and explore the various types of wetlands and show how they each independently work.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t laugh when I saw the question though!

In other recent news;

Me with my two bound copies of my dissertation.

I handed in my dissertation, it was printed and bound in just a few minutes. I do applaud the printers and the student union staff!

I finished all of my other coursework

There’s a strange glowing orb in the sky; hurts to look at it, I’ve heard that it is called the “Sun” (Bangor is the 4th most rainy city in the U.K.).


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