CV Writing

Writing a CV (Curriculum Vitae)


Firstly, we received a few lectures from Dewi Jones (employability and student services) on the general structure and uses of a CV. This was the same sort of recycled information that I had heard in many prior CV writing sessions dating back to high school:

  • Make it look professional
  • Relevant information first
  • Make sure you are selling yourself

Jones than has us assess example CVs in groups so we could understand how best to go about writing our own. We discussed what each example student had done well, what could be improved and then suggested which student we would invite in for an interview.

Submitting a resume or cover letter along with your CV is important!

When I actually sat down and began to write my CV, I soon realised that my CV is fairly bland- I have very little work experience. I made up for this by talking about my volunteer work with the RSPB and a wild bird hospital.

Furthermore, the last time I wrote one was to apply for university, so I have little experience of CV writing for an actual job/work placement. All of my previous CVs have been focused around education so it was very useful to write a more professional/work orientated one.


Grade: 2-1


Shows a very strong knowledge and understanding of the requirements. Very good attempt – would have benefited perhaps from further details in the Cover letter.

CV in contrast is very well structured and detailed – making hopefully a very good case for an interview!

I have since re-structured my CV to apply for part-time retail jobs, I’ve had a couple of interviews which I hope were successful. One final note: don’t be put off with rejection! It is all a learning experience. Just keep at it and just keep trying.


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