Careers Café

This workshop was a 2pm-6pm scheduled slot and was in fact two workshops in one (due to the timetabling). Part way through we got a tea break with various hot drinks provided along with biscuits. Clearly the highlight of the session.

Tea is taken best with 1 sugar and milk.

The session itself was split up into various segments:

  • Guest speakers
  • What to do to get a job
  • Belbin test
  • Interview Skills

First we listened to some guests who told us about what they did after university and how they got into the jobs they currently have, the most memorable being the one which left us with one common question:

Why did you stop looking after and researching crocodiles to work in a Welsh water cleaning company!?

This was Jon Cannon; a post-graduate from Bangor University (Marine Biology)

Jon is currently a Process Science Manager for Welsh Water; a nonprofit organisation who work to manage their environmental impact whilst providing clean water.

We are committed to identifying and accounting for the environmental implications of all of our activities, and for recognising and considering opportunities for economically sustainable environmental benefit.

Graham French; A lecturer here at Bangor University (Lecturer in Education – ODA & Primary Science)

French’s experience ranges from working in outdoor education centres both nationally and internationally. He is also a secondary school teacher in various subjects.

Dawn Thomas; BSc in Ecology.

Dawn works with the North Wales Wildlife Trust as the living seas awareness officer. Her work focuses on raising awareness for coastal and marine environments in North Wales.

Bethan Wynn Jones; Zoology BSc with a Wetland Science and Conservation MSc.

The youngest panel member, Bethan currently works with Snowdonia National Park Authority (Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri) as an ecosystem and climate change officer. She has done a lot of volunteer work to build a portfolio and public relations whilst searching for and applying for jobs.

Part 2: Belbin Team Roles

beblin team roles
I’m a “Completer-Finisher” & “Plant”

This is a “test” that helps team members to categorise themselves for working more efficiently in teams or in the workplace. This is not a test, as there are no right or wrong answers.

The process to determine your team role is by choosing which phrases or scenarios suit you or your work style the most.

It also helps your teammates to understand what to expect when working with you.


Personal Opinions:

This session was interesting; I learned a lot about myself and how to tackle the future.

As I am coming to the end of my 3rd year and actively looking for a job to help me afford food during my Masters, I am looking forward to seeing how these skills will help me.


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