Assessment Centre and Interview Skills

As part of the Careers Cafe we were split into groups to discuss and practice our interview skills. In our groups we talked about the example questions we could get given in a future job interview and the best ways to answer them. We also took the Belbin Team Roles assessment which I covered in the Careers Cafe blog post.

It is at this time of writing that I am reminded of a conversation between one of my friends and a lecturer:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 16.27.31
For the record: Chocolate digestives and tea are a great combo.

Mock Interviews:

This is the basic setup for the mock interviews. Image Source.

In groups of 4 we were given a mystery envelope with example interview questions. We then took turns to be the head interviewer, scribe and interviewee. In between each “interview” the interviewee went outside whilst the interviewers discussed and graded the interview. When the interviewee came back, the group then discussed, praised and gave constructive criticism to the interviewee.

It was very useful to have peer assessment by other students who are in a similar position to you. Much more friendly than having a lecturer or employment centre. The feedback was useful and within our groups we were able to provide honest critiques yet plenty of praise where due.

The Interview Advice I Was Given:

  • Don’t glance around
    • but don’t stare your main interviewer in the eyes
  • Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t downplay them
  • Talk clearly
  • Your interviewer doesn’t want to eat you – don’t be so scared!
    • I have a habit of:
      • Muddling up my words when nervous
      • Being a “deer in the headlights”

Personal Opinions:

The advice I was given was very useful, and I am grateful for being able to get the feedback I needed for any future interviews I have.

I just think that it could have been better organised as I do very poorly when given long blocks of lectures/seminars. My head needs time to stop, cool down and process what it has taken in.

A 2pm-6pm workshop… I had been up from 8.30am that morning with other lectures, and on top of this a society from 7 until 9pm! What a way to spend a Friday! I’m pretty sure that I put my shoes on at 8 and they stayed on until 9.30 when I collapsed in my bed.


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