Exams: 1/2

This morning I finished another module: Animal Survival Strategies! Module List: Life in Wetlands Animal Survival Strategies Dissertation BioE&E Animal Design Advances in Behaviour (animal behaviour second year module required) Now I have one last exam to revise for, this exam will be a 2.30hour exam from 9am to 11.30am and during this time I... Continue Reading →


The Lion Sleeps Tonight,.. and Forever.

“In the Lion’s Den: Conserving Africa’s Lions” African Lions, Threats, Conflict and Mitigation: Dr. Jackie Abell Under what conditions will some of the poorest people in the world live alongside some of the most dangerous predators in the world? The overall talk was about how local people can help to conserve “Charismatic Magafauna” which are... Continue Reading →

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